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  • Hullo, I joined kugyay in 2009. Boy was it a crazy ride. I’m really excited to be here to experience it with you dudes all over again! :) This isn't going to be anything fancy, just a little blurb on my character.

    Shiverstep is a silver tabby with a fluffy white belly and throat, black toes on her front paws, and white toes on her back paws. She has short, sleek fur that allows her easy passage when swimming in reedy areas. She has particularly tall ears, which she can sometimes be sensitive about. She is a little on the small side, as is the usual for her breed. Usually she always appears to be pretty nervous about her surroundings. Her silver fur can sometimes aid in blending into the water, when her black stripes aren't making her stick out too much.

    As a kit, Shiverstep was easily frightened and incredibly gullible when it came to her brother's horror stories. She'd stay up all night terrified that a monster would plow into camp, a twoleg would kitten-nap her, or some other ridiculous tale about an owl-fox that ate silver tabby kittens.

    As an apprentice she was hesitant, and tended to be too careful. She would often lose prey, and would always be defeated by her fellow apprentices in direct combat. For awhile her parents began to worry that she would never become a warrior. Finally, Shiverstep discovered that due to her quiet and careful nature, she was adept at moving quickly and stealthily. She used it to her advantage in fishing and fighting to prove she was ready for a warrior name.

    Now, as a warrior, she struggles with any sort of confrontational fighting, rather putting her trust in sneak attacks. She is shy with strangers and unfamiliar clan mates, but is determined to grow into her role as a warrior, and find her confidence.


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