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Name - Sheepcloud [Formerly called Fluffy as a Kittypet]
Prefix - [Sheep] For her dark colored face and legs, lighter colored body
Suffix - [Cloud] For her calm, gentle and easy going nature
Rank - Warrior [Kinda?]
Age - Young Adult [Estimate roughly 2 - 3 Years]
Gender - Molly [Female]
Clan - ShadowClan

Sexuality - Straight
Mate - n/a
Offspring - n/a
Kin - Unknown
Mentor - None
Apprentice - None, Sheepcloud is the new kid on the block

Voice Reference: Jennifer Tilly [Think Grace from "Home on the Range!"]
Appearance - Sheepcloud is a fluffy, stocky and short cat of Persian, Snowshoe, Maine Coon and Munchkin breeding. Her fur is a soft light gray with darker seal points along her ears, face, legs, spine and bushy tail. Her face is pushed in and rather flat compared to other cats, her ears are fairly small and triangular upon her head too. Her muzzle and toes are dabbed white, so is the ruff around her neck and belly. She has a dark gray nose and big lively baby blue eyes.

Personality - Sheepcloud for the most part is a pleasant cat to be around, she only aims to please those around her and help as she can. Rarely is she confrontational as she isn't much for dealing with squabbles, she would rather everyone get along nicely. Perhaps being a Clan cat shouldn't have been high on her list of applications as a future career in that case... However Sheepcloud was lonely in her former life once her housefolk had their baby and so has joined the clans in hopes of creating new bonds and friendships. She is friendly and accepting of all, even if those she accepts might never really accept her back. Sheepcloud having been sheltered most of her life is very naive and sometimes even quite dimmer than most cats, it can take a bit for her to completely realize she has been duped and even then she may repeat the same mistake twice. A dreamer, Sheepcloud imagines a happy life for herself even if her new home can be quite a warzone at times. She is calm, sweet and soft spoken, a cat deserving of her - cloud suffix. She is patient when need be and enjoys to fool around like a kitten, sunbathing is her favorite afternoon activity as well as chasing frogs and butterflies in the summer. Sheepcloud is easy to please as all she wants is a home to belong to and friends to enjoy. Even if her naive bubbly dreamer attitude can grate on others nerves at times.

Backstory - Living her life as a house pet named Fluffy, she lived in a small apartment for most of her life, a gift to a newly wed couple of housefolk who wanted a pet to fill the empty space. She was treated nicely enough but Fluffy felt very lonely and unhappy. Once she grew into an adult cat it seemed to set in to her housefolk she wasn't a cute kitten anymore and so she was ignored plenty. Her housefolk were always too busy for a pet, often times gone many hours doing whatever humans did. There wasn't much to do in this home, watching life pass her from the window wasn't ideal for her either. However she never tried to leave, this was the only place she knew and she was loyal to her housefolk. They loved her as a kitten, perhaps they would again soon... The female housefolk however began to go through a change that Fluffy didn't completely understand until one day around her 2nd birthday, her housefolk had given birth to a baby of their own. The limited attention she had as is was even more so now that a infant required 24 hour care. Fluffy tried her best to help in humoring the new member but all she did seemed to upset her housefolk. No longer a cute kitten and now having a child of their own, Fluffy found herself cast out of the household. Dropped off in a rural farm area away from her home by her housefolk, Fluffy found herself utterly alone in a world she didn't understand. Fluffy waited for her housefolk to come get her but they never did. When it began to rain, she made a makeshift home in a barn and never dreamed she could feel more lonely than she did in that moment. The days dragged on until she came across rumors of cats living out in the wilderness far from here. It was a several day hike but Fluffy thought it would worth it if it meant she wouldn't be alone. After many long lonely nights and panged with hunger and sadness, she met one of the clans, one called ShadowClan. Taking in the refugee, she asked to join them, eagerly hoping she could find a new place to belong. It took some debating amongst the feral cats but in the end she was allowed to stay. There was a condition though, she would need to work hard and obey their way of life. She was quick to agree and to celebrate her new chapter, Fluffy was renamed to Sheepcloud, now a warrior of ShadowClan... or at least Sheepcloud is trying to be, she was used to a cushioned life after all...