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Overgrown Clearing / Re: Stormyfur Enters
« Last post by Jetstream on April 20, 2019, 08:24:17 PM »
"Ah, you're right. You're right." Jetstream snorted in amusement and nodded to his aunt's words. They weren't exactly lifeless beings, after all. The two of them felt longing and desire just like every other Clan cat that dwelled here, but what they wanted was much different, the exact opposite of them. They wished to see blood spill, peace turn upside out and they wanted to wreak havoc on their peaceful lives just for a kick of fun. 

Even as the two of them sat here with each other, simply talking and catching up on time lost, he could feel the blood thirst ebbing from Stormyfur. He knew it was there because it was coming from him, too. The two of them longed for their old life, spilling Clan blood was second nature to them. 

"You know about as much as I do," Jetstream sighed, "The Clans have changed in our time away. The leaders are different, I don't recognize any of the cats we used to terrorize." The disappointment in the tom's voice was palpable. "Honestly, these Clanners are so used to their peace, I don't think they've even ever heard a whisper of us before."
Overgrown Clearing / Re: Stormyfur Enters
« Last post by Stormyfur on April 19, 2019, 03:07:54 PM »
Stormyfur shifted her weight on her paws, peering straight ahead into the deep mist swirling through stalks of grass and cattails. She kept her frosted gaze steady, searching for any signs on life moving through the undergrowth. She listened to her nephew, all the while observing her surroundings: A master of multitasking. Though happy to be reunited with Jetstream her claws still ached for the feeling of soft flesh and warm blood.

   As he spoke they unfurled scraping against the stone beneath them. “I would say we are two doomed souls.” She replied still staring ahead, “But to imply we even had any shred of soul left would be highly inaccurate.” She smirked, knowing full well that any basis for emotion had been long stripped away from her. For those who return from hell don’t come back completely put together.

“But tell me, what news is there? What do I need to know about the forest these days?” She asked finally stealing a slight glance at him.
Overgrown Clearing / Re: Stormyfur Enters
« Last post by Jetstream on April 16, 2019, 04:38:32 PM »
Jetstream's expression twisted in a wince as he felt the sharp sting of claws graze over his muzzle, causing a rivulet of blood to ooze over his face and reopening an older scar left there from exactly a scenario just like this one. He spat the blood that trickled into his mouth onto the ground before him without complaint. After all, this was not the first time his aunt had punished him with a swat to the face. 

He knew well though, her harsh actions did not hold much weight to him and that she was still very fond of her kin. This much was positive to him when Stormyfur leaned against him and nosed his shoulder. To someone else, perhaps this exchange would be an odd sight-- two felines caged of murderous intent, lacking in the compassion department, huddling together upon some rock in the middle of no where as if it were normal. 

Perhaps, to them it was. All he had ever known in terms of endearment was his aunt and his uncle. No one else had ever meant a sliver of anything to him. But his aunt Stormyfur was one of the only ones he had ever truly respected, considered his equal even. She was special to him, and he her vice versa. 

As he listened to her talk, a genuine smile curved his mouth and Jetstream let out a chuckle. "As if beasts like us could ever enjoy a moment of peace." he scoffed, "We're doomed to plague this land with the simple fact that we're alive."
Overgrown Clearing / Re: Stormyfur Enters
« Last post by Stormyfur on April 16, 2019, 02:40:54 AM »
Stormyfur watched her nephew approach her through an unwavering gaze. Her stoic face gave off no real emotion to give him a clue to what she was thinking. She was good at that; hiding herself deep within. She waited patiently for him to reach the top, sliding over an inch to give his larger frame space. “Save your surprise and for Dark Forest’s sake close your gaping maw. You look a fool.” She huffed rolling her eyes. She tongue had not lost it’s bluntness. “First thing’s first,” She growled swatting his muzzle with claws unfurled. “That’s for leaving me first you ungrateful kit.”

   Stormyfur huffed shaking her head. She looked away from him. Indeed it was him that left the forest before her, leaving her to pick up the breaking pieces of a dying dynasty. However, what she did not admit was that he only paved the way for a new life for her. But she would not say that. How could she so willingly confess that he had been right all along. Her pride would not have it! 

“Now...” She smirked turning her gaze back on him. “Give your aunt a hug.” She purred rather menacingly. Any warmth in her voice had left her moons ago. Yet she nosed his shoulder fondly. She was glad he was there. 

“I have been about, traveling mostly.” She said pulling away. “I wanted to see what was beyond this territory, claim it, kill what I could. And I did. I tried retirement.” She sighed. She had in fact wished to settle her tired bones. “But it just didn’t look good on me.”
Overgrown Clearing / Re: Stormyfur Enters
« Last post by Jetstream on April 16, 2019, 02:23:46 AM »
To others, her voice might have been one to make skin crawl, to sound worse than that of dying prey but to him, it was the most reassuring thing that existed in this world of theirs. "It really is you..." he murmured, almost as if he still couldn't believe it. It just all seemed to surreal to him. Stormyfur just couldn't be here right now, in front of him, welcoming his presence. 

Jetstream took a long inhale and approached the slender feline ahead of him, creating for himself a space beside her among her perch and looked down to her. Their gaze was a match of fire and ice and it was a familiar sensation he had missed dearly in his time alone wandering this land. 

"Where have you been?" He questioned, as if he himself hadn't up and disappeared on his aunt first, those many moons ago. He wondered even, if she held any feelings of resentment toward him for that, if she blamed him for the fall of the army they had spent so long nurturing together. Even now, as she appeared glad to see him, there was a small part within him that wondered. "It's just... Been so long since I last saw you." 
Overgrown Clearing / Re: Stormyfur Enters
« Last post by Stormyfur on April 16, 2019, 02:14:37 AM »
Moon bathing. Storm stretched her small, lithe form across the surface of the rock. The silver of the moon illuminated her grey fur giving her a spectral aura. She blinked in the light her crystal eyes glowing like malicious wisps leading one to certain peril. She wondered how long it would be before she saw life amongst the undergrowth. Who of the clans would be the first to appear before her. She tilted her head back and grinned as she thought of what she would say, and more importantly, what she would do.
   Somewhere a twig snapped jolting her from her dark fantasy. She sat upright haunches tensed and ready. She parted her jaw slightly trying to catch the wind, but it was downwind of her. She narrowed her eyes peering into the abyss. Surely the clanners would all be tucked away by now in their safe nests. This had to be another loner, or perhaps rogue. Interesting. These encounters were always interesting if not unpredictable.

   The sound of heavy paws grey louder. Stormy sat up straight and relaxed her shoulders. She had to present herself as dignified and strong as ever. A queen never showed weakness after all. It wasn’t until a familiar mew caught her ears sendin her heart pounding. She lowered her head grinning widely as she saw the black shape moved through the shadow. “Ahh. I should have known you would be the first to find me.” She cooed to him with her raspy mew. “Come to me dear Nephew. I’ve missed your company.”
Overgrown Clearing / Re: Stormyfur Enters
« Last post by Jetstream on April 16, 2019, 01:53:54 AM »
A scent smacked him in the face harder than the poor attempt of what a Clan cat would call an attack. Jetstream's whole body whipped around in a flash, centering himself toward the source of this smell that he knew better than the back of his hide. It can't be. He thought to himself. It had been too many years, too long of a time left alone. Perhaps it was just his brain playing tricks on him again, after all, it wouldn't be the first time. 

But something dragged him forth, his heavy paws brought his body forward before his mind had a moment to think about where he was going. He followed the scent from the depths of the forest, from where ever it would take him-- he didn't care. Not in the slightest. 

This had to be some cruel joke. Yes, that was it. He had finally snapped. He had gone insane. His brain was trying to make a fool of him, to give him something like hope. Someone like him, to feel something like this? Utterly ridiculous. Completely laughable. 

And yet, here he was. Now running at full speed, as fast as his broad body could go, straight for the source of this familiar, warm and welcoming smell that he knew so well. At least, to him it was one that brought comfort, relief, a sense of the closest thing he had ever felt to love and compassion. Whereas, to others, it would spark a feeling much in the opposite scale. 

Jetstream broke through a thick bramble in a rush, almost tripping over himself in the excitement. He whipped his head up and caught the shape of a figure sitting ahead of him on a large stone and the pounding of his heart, he swore for a moment, stopped. 

"Stormyfur...?" Hesitation had never been even a brief part of this tom's personality, but he just couldn't believe his eyes. Not in a hundred moons, a hundred lifetimes, could he have ever thought that he would see his aunt in the flesh again. "Stormyfur, is that you?"
Overgrown Clearing / Stormyfur Enters
« Last post by Stormyfur on April 16, 2019, 01:38:10 AM »
Familiar. That was the word the crossed the mind belonging to the white paws which picked their way through course undergrowth. Long had it been since those seasoned paws trudged through the murk and grime which lay across the weathered ground where generations once traversed. She had not expected a wave of this, vexatious, emotion to wash over her tired limbs. For moons now she had wandered foreign ground in attempts to escape from a life once lived. A new start. Or so she had told herself after leaving the grassy hills and rich forests of this territory. She hadn’t even been sure what she was truly seeking during that time. For old habits do not die so easy. Not when so permantly seemed into one’s core. For a short time it was enjoyable; the quiet, lonesome life. However, eventually the itch returned. It first began in her crooked tail as it twitched relentlessly during sleep. The so appeared in once snowy white paws, kneading the grass while dreaming. The surface itch then seeped through an ominously grey coat into her bones. It wasn’t until she blinked awake after such a vivid dream and found her paws standing in pools of crimson and a dark mass slumped awkwardly before did she finally acknowledge it. The call. The need. The lust. Without another thought and seemingly in a trance, she began to walk. The itch brought her back down a road once traveled until she stepped onto the cool, welcoming grass of a place she once called home. “Tch” She hissed to herself as she picked her way up a familiar rise in the earth. Home. A pathetic word really. Yet there she was, climbing her way through annoying bramble until it stood before her. It’s shape loomed above her. Her scarred muzzle curved upward as she placed a paw on the smooth, cold surface. Her boulder from which she used to perch to observe and seek out her next plan or prey. The memories flooded back to her as she climbed. She scratch marks still embedded in the stone from moons passed fights. As she neared the peek of it, the moon light caught her once again. A shadow unfurling from the mist. A ghost once thought to have been exorcised from the forest now materializing to haunt the timid souls of the clan cats once again. Icy eyes stared back over the now overgrown clearing, claws unsheathe go to drag across her stone. She grinned, the fur on her shoulders tingled and rose in the night breeze carrying her scent back into the woods. “Yes....” She hissed like the snake she always was. “Carry my scent back into the cozy dens where the soft hearts sleep peacefully.” She crouched swiping a claw out at nothing. “Let it fill them with terror in knowing that I have returned.”

Rules / Information Medicine Cat Code
« Last post by Butterfly on April 13, 2019, 04:24:51 AM »

  ▸A Medicine cat may take a mate, but may not have kits until a fully trained Medicine Cat Apprentice is appointed.
  ▸Clan boundaries do not apply to Medicine Cats, likewise helping any outsider is not forbidden.
  ▸Prophecies or dreams may be discussed with the Medicine Cat's Leader and Apprentice only.
  ▸Medicine Cats must gather at every half moon to speak with StarClan.
  ▸A Medicine Cat makes peace, not war.

Rules / Information Warrior Code
« Last post by Butterfly on April 13, 2019, 04:24:25 AM »

   ▸Defend your Clan, even at the cost of your life. Friendships in other Clans are allowed, but your loyalty must be only to your Clan.
  ▸Hunting or trespassing on another Clan's territory is forbidden.
  ▸Elders and kits are to be fed first, unless explicit permission is given from a Warrior or Leader.
  ▸Prey is only killed to be eaten, you must give thanks to it and StarClan for its life.
  ▸A kit must be six moons old to become Apprenticed.
  ▸While a mate outside of the clans is accepted, inter-clan relationships are discouraged.
  ▸A cat cannot be made Deputy without having mentored at least one Apprentice.
  ▸The Deputy will become Clan Leader after the Leader dies or steps down.
  ▸A new Deputy must be chosen by a new Leader, or once the Deputy dies or retires, by Moonhigh.
  ▸A gathering will be held at each full moon, wherein fighting is forbidden and peace must be upheld.
  ▸Boundaries will be marked and checked daily, all trespassers will be challenged.
  ▸No Warrior may neglect a kit in pain or in danger, even if the kit is from a different Clan or non Clan.
  ▸The word of the Leader is the Code.
  ▸Warriors do not kill to win battles, unless it is necessary for self-defense.
  ▸ A Warrior rejects the life of an outsider.
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