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on: April 08, 2019, 05:03:46 AM

In order to maintain comfort in the chat, Kugyay has compiled a 'blacklist' of topics that may not be touched on. These topics should be avoided, and anyone caught trying to initiate a discussion on any of the items (unless in the Vent on the discord, and are tagged/spoilered) listed here will be muted, and/or banned if it happens again.

If you would like to see something added to the list, please message Butterfly.

  ▸Gore (Viscera, entrails, etc.)
  ▸Torture or Physical Harm (Self harm, violence, harm to yourself or others of any kind, etc.)
  ▸Abuse (Of any kind. Mental, physical, etc.)
  ▸ Drugs or Addiction (Including weed/cannabis, cocaine, lsd, etc.)
  ▸ Needles
  ▸ Pedophilia
  ▸ Suicide
  ▸ Incest
  ▸ Religion
  ▸ Vomit or Bodily Fluids (Blood, pus, etc.)
  ▸Animal Abuse (Including death.)

These topics may be mildly discussed in the Vent channel on the discord server, with proper warnings and the use of the spoiler function, but are not allowed anywhere else on the Kugyay site or Discord. The Staff reserve the right to mute you if you take these topics to the general chats, or ban you if not tagging or using these topics in general becomes a reoccurring problem.  

Remember, if you need help out of a bad situation, or you feel uncomfortable, the Staff are here to for you. We will do whatever we can to make sure you log off feeling better. While we are not professionals by any means, you are more than welcome to message any of the Owners if you need to. Your life and safety are important, and you are never a burden.
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