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on: April 02, 2019, 12:24:29 AM

These are the official Roleplay & Character rules for Kugyay. Please be sure to read them before submitting a character, and before you begin roleplaying.  


 ▸Characters should be at the very least, semi-realistic.
This means, you must have a cat character (other animals will not be allowed), and while we understand that this is a fantasy roleplay, and there will be a lot of leniency in character creation, we respectfully ask not to have bright neon green cats with dark red eyes roaming around.

 ▸ Names must be semi-realistic.
Your warrior cat's name should not be something found outside of nature, or not within the regional boundaries set by the environment. This includes names found in the human 'world', such as car, house, mango, etc.

 ▸ Posts must be at least a paragraph in length.
A paragraph is typically 5-8 sentences, and should have some material for your partner to work with in their reply.

 ▸No bracket-land roleplay will be allowed anywhere on the site.
This includes *nuzzles u*, -giggles- or _sits by self in clearing_.

 ▸Explicit content will not be tolerated.
This includes dming (detailed mating), overly described gore and viscera, or anything sadistic or pornographic in nature.

 ▸ Be sure to stay in the correct areas when roleplaying, and keep in mind their descriptions.
Camp and Territory descriptions are pinned in the correct areas, and should be looked at every once in a while, to remind yourself of the setting.

 ▸ Out of Character (OOC) chatter will not be allowed in any of the roleplay areas. This includes using (brackets) to talk to others. You may use private message or the discord.

 ▸ You may not go on "raids" in any of the other clan's camps.
This also includes other areas of the site. The only time this rule may be broken, is if explicit permission from Owners and the Clans' Leaders is given first.

 ▸ You MUST have permission before you harm or kill another person's character.
This rule will have no exceptions.
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