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on: April 02, 2019, 12:33:09 AM
These are the official Cat Kugyay site rules. Please be sure to give them a read before posting a character or roleplaying on the site. Check back often for updates.


 ▸Respect your fellow Members and Staff.  

 ▸ No Drama or Gossip.
We’re all adults, and should each be treated with respect at all times.

 ▸ Advertisements are to be kept to their designated location.

 ▸ No Spamming private messages, notifications, or posting of any kind.
This includes excessive messages, emojis, posting entire movie scripts or song lyrics, and anything that could be considered disruptive to the chat.

 ▸ Stay on Topic.
This is a Warriors roleplay, and the site has defined areas for specific content.

 ▸No Trash-Talk or Degrading other Sites or Site Owners.
This includes other discord servers, or places of roleplay.

 ▸ No 18+ Material.
You may be with an older crowd of people, but younger users may still be present on the Discord or forums.

 ▸ Keep swearing to a minimum.

 ▸ Do not use general chats or boards for venting.
There is a designated area for that in the Discord, please do not stray from that channel when venting.

 ▸ No Cliques.
Please do not exclude others (especially newer folks) from your chatting or roleplay. If you have a problem with other members and are unable to solve it in a civil manner via private message, please seek the help of Staff.
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